Philip Barlow always knew art would play a major role in his life and this led him to his studies in the Department of Art at the University of Utah and a BFA degree.

After a tour with the U.S. Army, Philip formed his own graphic design firm specializing in corporate identity, packaging, and annual report design. He retired the business in 1997. While still active in the business, he exhibited his artwork in galleries in New Mexico, Wyoming, California and Utah.

He joined the Utah Watercolor Society in 1983 and eventually served as President. During the same period, he began to explore the use of acrylics and oils.

He says a major lesson learned was "listen to my critics but feel free to ignore them".

Philip resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and his work is currently represented by galleries in Utah and California.

Phillip's work can be found at the following galleries:
Park Gallery,
Carmel, California
Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah